Updating your laundry can turn this utilitarian space into a clean, modern and welcoming area of the home. While laundry renovations require an investment, they can pay off through improved functionality, added home value, and giving you a beautiful new space to tackle laundry day tasks.

Factors Affecting Laundry Renovation Costs in Sydney

When renovating a laundry, there are several key factors that can drive up the overall cost. Being aware of these elements is essential for setting a realistic budget.

Size of the Laundry

One of the biggest cost impacts is the size of your laundry space. Larger rooms require more materials for elements like flooring, cabinets, countertops and storage solutions. Smaller laundry rooms may seem more economical, but can create challenges for an efficient layout that requires customised and compact design solutions.


The types of materials you select can significantly affect your budget. Budget-friendly options include laminate countertops, vinyl flooring and basic cabinetry. For an upscale look, you’ll pay more for natural stone, custom cabinets and high-end flooring. Taking stock of your must-haves versus nice-to-haves can help prioritise where to invest.


Labor costs for your renovation crew make up a significant portion of your budget, especially if the job requires specialised trades like plumbers, electricians, carpenters and tile setters. Hourly rates for trade professionals in Sydney can range from $60 to over $100 per hour.

Location and Accessibility

If your laundry is tucked away in a difficult-to-access area of your home, achieving the renovation you want may require higher labor costs. Similarly, homes with laundry spaces located far from existing plumbing lines will see higher material and labor costs for re-routing water and drainpipe connections.


For a fully functional laundry, you’ll likely need to budget for a new washing machine and dryer. Appliance costs can vary significantly based on the brand, size, and features you select. A basic top-load washer and electric dryer can run $800-$1500 for the pair, while higher-end front-loaders and appliances with connected smart features can exceed $3,000.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

If your laundry renovation involves relocating appliances and hookups, be prepared for additional plumbing and electrical costs. Moving water supply lines, drain pipes, and electrical outlets can easily add $500-$2,000 or more to your budget depending on the complexity. Using existing hookups for your washer and dryer can save significantly.

Required Tradies

The number of trade professionals required for your renovation will impact costs. A basic refresh with new flooring, paint and countertops may only need a handyman. But more extensive renovations could require plumbers, electricians, cabinet installers, tilers, and a contractor to manage the project. Tallying the number of pros needed highlights the true labor investment.

What You Can Expect to Pay for a Laundry Renovation in Sydney

According to home renovation pricing data, a basic laundry refresh in Sydney can cost $5,000 on the low end, while a mid-range remodel with new appliances averages $7,000-10,000. For a high-end, complete renovation with custom features, costs can range from $12,000-25,000 or more.

Basic Laundry Renovation Cost ($5,000)

  • New vinyl flooring
  • Stock cabinets and basic countertops
  • Fresh paint
  • Used appliances

Mid-Range Renovation Cost ($7,000-$10,000)

  • Laminate counters and tile floors
  • Wall-hung cabinets
  • New front-load washer and dryer
  • Plumbing and electrical updates

Upscale Laundry Renovation Cost ($12,000-$25,000+)

  • Custom designed cabinetry
  • Stone or quartz countertops
  • High-end wide plank flooring
  • Smart appliance package
  • Relocation of plumbing/electrical
  • Additional storage closets/built-ins

Budget-Savvy Laundry Renovation Cost Cutting

While laundries are functional spaces, there are ways to keep renovation costs down without sacrificing style:

  • Reuse existing appliances if they are in good working condition
  • Opt for affordable countertop materials like laminate over granite or quartz
  • Choose mid-range flooring options like vinyl plank over hardwood
  • Tackle smaller jobs like painting yourself if you’re handy
  • Get multiple quotes from contractors and shop around for best prices
  • Phase your renovation – focus first on must-haves and add want-to-haves later

Even small budgets can make an impact by adding new hardware, faucets and lighting for an updated look.

The Value of Hiring Professional Laundry Renovators

While DIY projects can save money upfront, it’s wise to hire experienced, licensed pros for many laundry renovation tasks. The benefits of working with qualified remodellers include:

Expert Design and Planning

Seasoned laundry designers understand how to create functional layouts optimised for workflow, task zones and storage. They can provide 3D renderings to visualise your new space.

Quality Workmanship

Trade professionals like plumbers, electricians and cabinet installers have the skills and tools for long-lasting installations that meet local building codes. Their workmanship is typically guaranteed.


Materials, appliances and workmanship often come with product and labor warranties when installed by licensed pros for your peace of mind.

Your Laundry Renovation Investment

While laundry renovations can breathe new life into a tired, outdated space, properly budgeting for the project is key. Costs in Sydney can range significantly from $5,000 for a basic refresh up to $25,000 or more for an upscale, custom laundry room overhaul.

The largest factors influencing your final price tag include the size of the space, quality of materials selected, whether you are relocated plumbing and electrical, the extent of labour required, and whether you are installing new appliance packages.

To ensure the cost of your renovation stays on budget, make a priorities list of must-have features versus nice-to-have extras. Explore money-saving opportunities like reusing existing appliances, choosing affordable countertop and flooring materials, and taking on DIY tasks you are comfortable with.

With careful planning and realistic budgeting, your new laundry space can become an organised, functional room that enhances your daily chores while adding value to your Sydney home.

A laundry renovation is an investment worth making – one that will provide long-lasting enjoyment and easier laundering for years to come in your beautifully remodelled space.

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